Dwin Legal, APC understands that communication is the most important aspect of any relationship. We stay in constant communication with our clients so that we understand each client’s specific needs, goals, objectives and limitations. Dwin Legal, APC LISTENS to its clients so that it understands their issues beyond technical legal concerns. We know that we cannot develop an effective strategy without first fully understanding your perspective. Dwin Legal, APC will never tell you that you must employ a particular strategy because it is simply “the way it is done.” Every action we take on your behalf will have a specific purpose in relation to what you want to achieve, and the pros and cons of all strategies will be carefully explained to you.


Dwin Legal, APC knows that its clients are concerned about their finances and want to receive value from the fees they pay their attorneys. We keep our overhead low, which allows us to avoid passing unnecessary expenses on to our clients. The rate billed to our clients is the rate required for us to provide excellent legal service – we do not use it for unnecessary accessories or to train inexperienced associates.

Dwin Legal, APC typically bills at an hourly rate but also understands the importance of alternative fee arrangements, which it provides in appropriate cases.


Dwin Legal, APC achieves results through preparation, careful analysis and professionalism. Strategies are based on Evan Dwin’s evaluation of the facts, the law and the client’s goals. Dwin Legal, APC will suggest and pursue alternative dispute resolution and settlement where appropriate, and will zealously litigate when necessary.

Our correspondence and communication with opposing attorneys, witnesses and courts are professional and collegial. We do not send nasty letters, file unnecessary motions, or engage in other tactics that waste your money and annoy the court without advancing your cause. We get results by working hard and working smart. We enjoy working with clients who share these values.