Employment Law

California has one of the most complex employment law schemes in the nation. Whether you are an employer or an employee, if you are doing business in California, it is critical to understand its employment laws.

Dwin Legal, APC provides a full range of employment law services. We provide counseling to prevent disputes before they happen. We also represent clients in employment law disputes, including single-plaintiff discrimination cases, wage and hour class actions, severance agreements, trade secret disputes and covenants not to compete.


​Where appropriate, Dwin Legal, APC encourages mediation or other alternative dispute resolution if it will provide a better forum than traditional litigation for clients to achieve their goals. Sometimes arbitration or mediation of disputes is already required by an existing agreement. In either case, Dwin Legal, APC has the experience and know-how to represent you effectively and efficiently in arbitration or mediation.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes a party to a dispute will file a lawsuit in state or federal court. Dwin Legal, APC has extensive experience handling all phases of litigation in cases relating to a variety of issues, including, breach of contract, fraud, defamation and other torts, breach of fiduciary duty, intellectual property, general commercial law, real estate, bankruptcy and equine law.

Dwin Legal, APC approaches litigation with a focus on its clients’ specific goals and understands that every case is different. We achieve results based on a strategy that will be custom designed for your particular needs and goals.

Contract Review And Negotiation

​It is impossible to count how many commercial disputes could be prevented if parties to contracts were more careful about the contract’s language. Dwin Legal, APC can help you reduce the risk of costly litigation by reviewing and negotiating your commercial contracts to make sure the language is clear, is an accurate reflection of the parties’ bargain and accounts for reasonably expected contingencies. While some disputes are inevitable during performance of a contract, it simply makes good business sense to try to prevent disputes in advance by seeking professional assistance in drafting contract language.

Proposition 65

​Proposition 65 requires labels on products containing chemicals known by the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. The law has a “private attorney general” provision which permits private citizens to sue and share penalties with the government. As a result, many companies, especially companies not familiar with California law, sell products without labels and receive notices from “private attorney generals” demanding large payments for alleged violations of Proposition 65.  Dwin Legal, APC is familiar with Proposition 65, and can help you implement policies to mitigate the risk of receiving notices of alleged violations from “private attorney generals.”  Dwin Legal, APC is also familiar with “private attorney generals’” strategies and can help you resolve Proposition 65 issues if you have already received a notice of an alleged violation.

Mediation Services

​Litigation is sometimes too blunt an instrument to effectively resolve a dispute. Dwin Legal, APC is a strong believer in the theory that working together may yield a better result than fighting it out in court. Accordingly, Dwin Legal APC’s attorney, Evan Dwin, is a trained mediator, who provides mediation services for parties who wish to avoid the time, expense and stress of litigation. Mr. Dwin will carefully consider each party’s goals and work with them to help them find try to find resolutions which are beneficial to both sides.